lemon scroll

Sweet Lemon Scrolls

When life hands you as many lemons as I’ve got at the moment, then you’ve really got to use your imagination with how you use them. I’ve made lemon slice, limoncello, squeezed and frozen juice in cubes. I’ve made preserved lemons, and have been drinking them in warm water to start the day. I really…

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Betelnut Cafe Canggu

Top 5 Canguu Bali

Canggu is arguably the fastest growing and most progressive areas along the popular southern coast of Bali. Having only recently found its name on the tourist map, Canggu is just far enough from Legian that is remains fairly uncontrived and serene. However, as construction implies, Canggu is maturing rapidly, and undergoing very visible growth, there…

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DIY beeswax food covers

DIY Reusable Food Covers

I’ve been trying to reduce rubbish in our house for a while, and reusable food covers have been on my to-do list for just as long. I’ve always used shower caps collected by our friends and family from hotels to cover our bread bowls. We’ve washed and rewashed and used them until the elastic had stretched out and…

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In My Garden… July 2015

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a garden to share, and while it’s not quite finished we are picking little bits and pieces to add to our meals. Each day I head out and check on the growth, I squeal with excitement when I see that our peas are tall enough to reach…

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creamy vanilla ice cream

Vanilla Ice Cream and a D&M

This post is deep, if you’re just here for the ice cream recipe, that’s cool, just scroll on down. If your here for the ice cream AND the D&M, then read on. A few days ago we drove into Geelong. We were going to buy our first ever brand new couch, I’m on a little…

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breakfast pizza thelifeofclare

Breakfast Pizza

We arrived home from Bali at 8am Saturday morning. We’d boarded the plane at 10pm the night before, already 3 hours after our sleep LOVING baby usually goes to bed. By the time we took off and he finally settled it was midnight and he was FERAL. So over tired, the looked like he was…

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mushroom basket

Mushroom Foraging with Whole Larder Love

Standing, basket in hand, the crunch of fallen debris under foot and the smell of musty rotting pine needles in the air, Rohan began to explain the perfect way to cut a mushroom from the ground. “I’m sick of seeing all these pictures on Instagram of shit in mushrooms, so I’m going to show you…

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